It’s your call

It’s your call

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Not living in a democracy

I’m calling in response to the person calling the Kosovars a bunch of cowardly people. That is incorrect. The people of Kosovo cannot own guns. They do not have the American Constitution with the Second Amendment that says we have the right to bear arms. Their guns were all taken away from them while they were a Russian state and that right has never been given back. In the United States we have the right to bear arms, and I do think the law that was passed the other day was illegal. This way we are letting the bad guys be armed and the good guys are being harmed. I do not believe in the carnage that’s been happening in our schools. And if the principal or someone in that school had had a gun it could have been ended.

Solution to sensitive snoops

My sympathy to the caller confronted by the nosy person regarding his use of a cane. For years our family had endured a member who’s made it their business to literally know every move we’ve made. An unanswered call or a busy signal is always followed by where were you or who were you talking to or what did they want. And the caller can do what we finally did when we had enough of their endless prying. We just changed the subject or gave vague answers and the situation improved. He shouldn’t expect miracles, though, because some insensitive snoops now feel they have a right to personal information of others.

School’s out

In answer to “Issue not over yet” about the Savannah school system, you’re asking what we might vote yes on. You get rid of the administration from the top up and then we will think about voting yes for the school bond.

Save the trees

I have a concern regarding an article in Tuesday’s News-Press: “Students celebrate Earth Day.” Please reuse the grocery bags. Our trees are our precious commodity and we can be so careless. After all, it is Earth Day.

Glove up

I’d like to know when the restaurants of St. Joe are going to require their workers to wear plastic gloves before they handle the food. And I was wondering what restaurants would commit to doing this.

Quagmire getting deeper

I’d just like to say that Clinton has finally found a way to leave a legacy besides a sex scandal for all Americans to live with for the rest of our lives and that would be to deal with Russian and Serbian terrorism in the United States. Think about it, the Serbs are fighting that they have been fighting for over 500 years. Do you think they are ever going to forget about us bombing and never stop attacking us within our own boundaries and anywhere they can in the world? The quagmire is getting deeper.

Lock the doors

This is in response to what happened in Colorado. Once again students have entered our schools and have killed our children. Let’s not wait to let it happen in St. Joe to start locking our doors to our schools to keep people out of the school without us knowing who is entering them. This has been a lot of concern to the people in St. Joe. You know our children apparently aren’t safe at school but yet you have them for eight hours a day. Please lock our doors like we lock our doors at home to keep intruders out. Lock the doors of the school to keep people out we don’t know who is entering and when they are entering.

Missing the ball

As an avid St. Louis Cardinal fan it was so disappointing to see the News-Press print that the ball games would be on TV, but they are never shown. This happened once last week and twice this week. What seems to be the problem?

Conflicting messages

I want to make a comment on the terrible hypocrisy I see on the news tonight. I just heard the president say we must reach out to our children and tell them to solve their problems without violence, yet over in Yugoslavia we are solving our problems with the worst kind of violence. What kind of a message does this send to our kids? Does it send a message to solve our problems with violence or without violence?


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